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    Are you a big off-roading buff? Do you think you are skilled enough to tame an aggressive 500 Motocrosser? You need to consider several things when you go out to get the right bike for you. Not all bikes are built same. Clearly identifying your needs, skill set and budget will help you in choosing the bike that you will enjoy riding for a long while. Whether it is The Razor MX650 or the Honda XR, choose a bike that suits your taste and temperament.

    We have prepared a list of questions – with inputs from axleaddict.com – to help you figure out what you really need. While doing the initial research to zero in the bike you want to get, it is important that you understand the difference between your wants and requirements. These questions, when answered properly, will help you determine the best bike that matches your expertise and purse. Here comes the list!

    What Is Your Budget?
    Do you really have the money to buy that bike you fancy? Or to maintain it? If you are on a limited budget, then stop chasing your wild bike dreams and get real. Buy a bike that is clean and which is not too expensive. Make sure that the spare parts are not costly either. If you need to finance your bike purchase, then you will mostly have to go for a street-legal bike as dealers may not be too eager to fund dirt bikes. In such cases, getting a dual-purpose bike would be your best bet. You can work on it a bit, put some knobby tires and venture off-road.

    How Skilled Are You At This?
    If you are new to riding sport, then take it a bit easy. Get a mellow bike that will encourage you to explore more and to develop more skills at racing. Buying a bike that requires skills not present in your arsenal may turn out to be quite challenging and can possibly undermine your confidence in picking up new tricks.

    What Kind Of Riding Will You Be Doing?
    Determine what you need this bike for? If you are going to do a lot of trail riding, then there is no reason to go for a full-blown racer. On the other hand, if you are seriously into racing getting an MX bike would be the best choice. If you plan to do some street and some dirt track racing, then go get a reliable bike like an enduro bike.

    How good are you with tools?
    If you are good at maintenance, good for you. But, if you are not, don’t get those tricky bikes whose support can turn out to be a nightmare. An air-cooled two-stroke bike with no gimmicky exhaust would be easier to work on.

    Are you still in your growing phase?
    If you are growing bigger with each passing day, then consider getting a large-sized mellow bike that you won’t outgrow in the next six months. If you are fully a grown adult, then make sure that the bike fits you and that you can start it quickly.

    Answer these questions and find your perfect bike!

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