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    golfapparelPrivate golf clubs give you a number of courses and you can get a better experience than the public club. In Golf game, you need to spend more time and face tough competition to complete the 18 holes.

    Golf is not like other sports. It is a very different game and you must know the etiquettes and rules you must follow in the golf game. You must verify your pace of play often and if you are a slow player in the golf group then you must prepare yourself to play faster. You shouldn’t waste your time searching for the lost ball above five minutes.

    You should select your golf partner wisely. Before selecting your partner, you must check whether your partner is a decision-maker and should not make low scores. You must determine whether an individual has the personality to become your partner and how skillful he or she is about the game.

    You can talk about your business but don’t overdo it. Also, you should not talk about your business immediately. You can begin your talk by starting on a safe topic. After passing few holes you can ask few questions to the opposite party and based on their response, you can ask them further questions. You must look how to help them by sharing any helpful details about the industry.

    You must always have some business cards when visiting the club and exchange it before the completion of the round. You must maintain to continue the relationship through LinkedIn or inviting for a lunch or dinner etc.

    You must be punctual to the club. If you invited your clients or guests to the club then you must visit the club earlier than they reach the golf club. When arranging a business meet, you should play very competitive. Your main focus with your partners must be building a business relationship and trust on you.

    You must aware of the game etiquette. If you are a newbie, playing with an experienced golf player, you must tell them you are new to golf and I always welcome your tips and guidance to improve your skill. You must manage your anger.

    You must treat everyone who contacts you with a smile. Even if someone hurts you, you must handle the situation with a smile without getting angry. You can build a long relationship by controlling your anger efficiently. Patience is very important and you never talk about business before passing the fifth hole or after the fifteenth hole. You must treat the employees working in the club with great respect.

    You must select a golf course that you enjoy and do a little homework. You must respect the golf game etiquette because your clients will observe the small things and it gives a greater impact for a long lasting relationship.

    You must remember that the end of your golf session should be fun, with your family members or with your business clients. You must be cautious about your behavior while golfing and it gives you treasures times in both personal and business life.

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